As an investor or developer, you know that the earlier decisions are made, the better.

Let ICP assist with advice already in the idea phase, so the demands of the modern consumer, the market conditions and the wishes and requirements of the tenants will result.


What role should the procurement point have and how should the overall physical design of the project be? Let ICP be part of the process so that the final form of the project is tuned into physical location, competition and access conditions.

The architecture is important, but let ICP consider the design based on a commercial approach before
construction start – are walkways, inputs / outputs, layout, etc. attractive to the potential tenants?

Concept and retail mix

A shopping center is not just a shopping center. It is extremely important that the center or store concentration is adjusted to market conditions and opportunities.

Is customer potential primarily local or regional? Should the center play with other stores in the city center? How do we ensure the best store and rental mix?

Municipalities, etc.

What position do the towns in the municipality have? What strengths and weaknesses?
What unique competitive advantages do the cities have – and can they be expanded?

ICP can identify, prioritize and describe these as well as provide recommendations for how the development is turned in an advantageous direction.


ICP knows all the retail chains, restaurant chains, etc., operating in the Danish market, as well as several channels, contacting a large number of foreign actors who are planning an entry on the Danish market. We know what locations they are looking for and what wishes they have.

ICP works with new rental of shopping centers and retailers, but also with re-hire – either alone or as a supplement.

Study Trips

Would you like to get inspiration abroad? ICP has visited the best centers and city centers around the world so we know which ones are worth seeing.

We can put together a study trip according to your wishes and assist as a tour leader or you can attend ICP’s annual study trip (typically about a week’s duration).