Since 1959, ICP A / S has advised municipalities, the Ministry of the Environment and other public authorities about retail and other customer-oriented service functions.

The tasks are multifarious and counts both retail plans, other inputs to municipal plans and local plans, preparation of EIA reports and advice in connection with legislative preparatory work.

Retail planning and strategy

Retail trade in many ways helps to define both a city and a municipality and its attraction such as settlement areas.

Therefore, there are a number of questions that politicians and planners have to ask. How is the local supply in the municipality? Should there be more grocery stores – and where? What is it going to be the future area for retail trade, assuming population growth, changed consumer behavior, etc.? And where should this area be laid out?

ICP advises concrete and immediately applicable. Retail and other customer oriented service features are key elements of the experience economy. Many municipalities therefore choose retail as a special focus area in the municipal planning strategy.

ICP contributes as specialists in the field of formulating retail plans and strategies with input to a relevant and sustainable balance of, among other things, consideration for existing retailers and the desire for renewal and growth.

Impact and EIA analysis

What impact will a new store or a new shopping center have on the existing retail structure?

ICP assesses the revenue impacts of new establishments and prepares and controls environmental assessments, EIA screenings and EIA reports in collaboration with other relevant specialists.

Strengths, Weaknesses and Unique Competitive Advantages (SCA)

What position do the towns in the municipality have? What strengths and weaknesses?
What unique competitive advantages do the cities have – and can they be expanded?

ICP can identify, prioritize and describe these as well as provide recommendations for how the development is turned in an advantageous direction.

What do the local customers think?

There is a growing desire both in retail and at municipal level to clarify who the city’s users are, what they use the city to and in what situations. What do the city’s users think is good and less good?

ICP carries out both passant counts and customer interviews – the latter by direct inquiry to customers, by phone or web-based. ICP uses its own staff of interviewers and specially developed software for data processing.