Denmark's largest shopping malls 2019

In the industry guide Denmark’s Largest Shopping Malls, the 115 largest shopping centers in Denmark are presented.

The book’s content:

A description of each center and its catchment using demographic data as well as COBRA ratings, which is a consumer segmentation.

Information about the center’s owners, shops, visitor numbers, turnover etc.

A general description of the structural development for shopping centers in Denmark.

The impact of e-commerce on cities and property values

The report’s content:

ICP has previously conducted analyzes of the consequences of ever-increasing e-commerce for, inter alia, city life and the supply of shops in the Danish cities. The new analysis goes further and looks at the impact of e-commerce on leases and property values until 2030.

ICP has seen two scenarios for e-commerce development and its influence on the retail structure in Denmark by 2030, both of which show great differences in the development of the different city types.

Retail and urban centers - development and challenges

ICP has prepared a report for Realdania, including: based on a number of municipalities’ policies and decisions in the retail sector, which illustrate how developments have taken place in a number of Danish cities over a number of years.

The municipalities can use the results of the work as part of the basis for making decisions about the future location of stores. Should the city center alone be used, or is there a basis for laying or expanding a relocation area?

It is the intention that the publication, through fact-based analyzes, provides a careful input to the debate about what we want with our cities.

If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to contact Per Nyborg at +45 40 500 433 or

The influence of e-commerce on the retail structure in Denmark

The report’s content:

Up to a third of the total Danish retail area will be redundant by 2025. If e-commerce develops as strongly as some players predict, just under 4 million. m2 of retail space will be redundant.

It shows the report of the Center for Center Planning, whose results derive from an analysis that shows that it is especially the small and medium-sized cities that will be hit hard.

When men and women shop

Consumption from a gender perspective

The report’s content:

There are big differences in the way men and women shop, and you can benefit from work based on both strategy and practice. With a large Danish consumer analysis, based both on qualitative and quantitative methods, Retail Institute Scandinavia focuses on the differences. Here you get a general insight into the significant differences, how the sexes go shopping, specific insights into different industries, and a lot of inspiration and advice on how to create promotional store environments – both in-store and online that appeal to men, women or both sexes.

The impact of e-commerce on the store structure

Forecast 2014

The report’s content:

The report has been prepared to overall update the 2012 forecasts in the report “E-commerce influence on the retail structure in Denmark”.

The report gathers different information about e-commerce status in spring 2014 and assesses the realism of the three future retail supply scenarios described in the previous report.

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