Whether you represent a chain, a single store or considering incorporating the retail detail into your value chain, ICP can help you with the commercial development work.

Perhaps you want an external assessment of where in the country you should be represented? Or have help finding the premises for your next store?

Start-up strategy

Where should my shop or customer-facing function be represented? We can base it on all of Denmark or just a smaller part, and we can take into account your existing store network – or work from scratch.

In addition, we can prioritize the possibilities. Recommendations are based on a wide range of market, catchment area and competitor analyzes.

Customer interviews

What do customers think of your stores? We are already conducting annual interview analyzes with thousands of customers in a variety of shopping centers, stores and city centers and can of course also help you.

Get answers to where your customers live, what they are particularly fond of (or the opposite) in your stores etc.. This can be supplemented with a focus group session, where deeper matters are discussed.

Shop finding

Do you already know in which city or town your next store should be? Let the ICP assist you in finding suitable rooms to suit your wishes and needs.

Of course by full anonymity, if desired.

Sales/Succession planning

ICP has assisted in selling both individual stores and retail chains. We can evaluate the possibilities in the premises and know which actors might be interested. We can negotiate terms and contracts with the new tenants / owners.

Study Trips

Would you like to get inspiration abroad? ICP has visited the best centers and city centers around the world so we know which ones are worth visiting right now.

We can put together a study trip according to your wishes and assist as a tour leader or you can attend ICP’s annual study trip (typically about a week’s duration).