ICP does not stand for Institute for Center Planning without reason.

We have been working on the development and trim of retail mix, leasing, customer analyzes, assisted extensions and renovations, and much more in relation to shopping centers for more than 50 years.


ICP knows all the retail chains, restaurant chains, etc., operating in the Danish market, as well as several channels, contacting a large number of foreign actors who are planning an entry on the Danish market. We know what locations they are looking for and what wishes they have.

ICP works with new rental of shopping centers and retailers, but also with re-hire – either alone or as a supplement.

Commercial review

ICP’s experienced consultants assess the individual stores and restaurants, the attractiveness of the stores, size, age profile and the center’s overall commercial condition in relation to the norm and frontrunners in the industry. We measure the center’s efficiency.

We put on the “consumer glasses” and review the commercial environment in terms of hallways, parking areas, lighting, cleaning standards and we will review our conclusions with you.

Is the shopping center taking advantage of its potential?

ICP reviews the center, talks with the tenants, calculates the consumption in the market area and assesses the turnover in relation to the market potential.

Could the center benefit from restructuring of the tenants? Are there any groups that have too little – or too much – space? What can be added realistically to the shopping center?

Tenant interviews

It is the shops and hence the tenants who will make a shopping center an attractive destination. ICP can offer to interview the tenants’ tenants and reveal requests for adaptation of area, location etc.

Customer Interviews

What do customers think about the shopping center? We are already conducting annual interview analyzes with thousands of customers in a variety of shopping centers, and can of course also help you.

Get answers to where your customers live, what stores they miss, what they’re particularly fond of (or sad) or a lot of other things – and be better dressed to manage the Center’s development, distribution and activities. Can be connected to a Conzoom report (demographic analysis / segmentation) where we ask for the respondent’s address.

Telephone interviews

When you interview customers outside the center, you do not meet customers who are not in the center.

To find out why some people rarely, or never, visit the shopping center, phone interviews can be conducted. Why is the center deselected – and where do they shop instead? Typically included as a supplement to a customer analysis in the center.

Study trips

Would you like to get inspiration abroad? ICP has visited the best centers and city centers around the world so we know which ones are worth seeing. We can put together a study trip according to your wishes and assist as a tour leader or you can attend ICP’s annual study trip (typically about a week’s duration).